Heritage United Methodist Church

The mission of the United Methodist Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

We seek to live out this purpose by providing meaningful worship, small group opportunities for learning and growth, and service opportunities to live out the love both in the church, our community and the world.

The three most important aspects of Heritage United Methodist Church’s nature are:

  1. Sound Biblical teaching – Sermons begin with scripture then move to how it impacts our lives.  Studies offered include classes for all ages on Sunday morning, Wednesday night, and other times during the week.
  2. Hospitality – We are a welcoming church with many opportunities for fellowship.  The best example of hospitality is our response to Hurricane Katrina. We have housed over 6500 volunteers and provided work and material support to help them repair over 500 homes in our community. We continue to house volunteers as well as groups seeking retreat as we transition our ministry from Katrina Relief to Jubilee Retreat Center.
  3. Service – Our outreach includes: Noah’s Ark Daycare, Jubilee Retreat Center, Community Orchard, work with the homeless through Seashore Mission and Rebecca’s House.

We invite you to come and grow in God’s grace with us as we seek to Love God, love others, and live out the love.