February 2019 Newsletter


What?? They are Changing the Music? Oh no!

Yes, we have changed the music in the 11 am service. I have mixed reviews on this change, and I am watching faces in the worship who range from blissfully happy to well, frankly, angry. This is a decision I came to after years of prayer (yes, years) and when God gave me an opening, I jumped. I usually like to be careful and diplomatic but when God pushes me, I will act. This was one of those times.


The early service has been growing since December. Something is happening in that service that excites me, and the attendance has steadily been improving. I want to again thank the choir members who led BOTH services throughout Advent and Christmas, and would like to reassure them that I think their dedication helped to open up the growth there. They have committed to continue to lead at 8:30, and I’m excited about what God is doing there.


If you have ever attended both services more than once, you know that the 11 am service is a completely different atmosphere. The energy is different, and it is the time that we get MORE visitors, although many visitors also come to 8:30. Since the early service is more of a traditional worship, we have changed 11 am to contemporary music, although it still has many traditional elements in it.


Several young adults have committed to leading the music at the 11 am service. Although they have babies, school, and busy jobs, (or maybe all three) they are willing to put in the extra work of not only learning songs together, but they are careful and intentional about the songs they use. The conversation is always what will give our church family the connection with God that we need. They are also concerned about people being able to accept the change. They like to use the older type of praise songs that have come from an ancient practice.


Repeating simple phrases as a way of worship and prayer goes back to ancient Judaism and early Christianity. At one point, the Gregorian chant was developed with strict parameters as a “new” and more professional way to use this ancient practice in worship in the 10th and 11th centuries. The praise choruses that began to be popular in the Jesus Revolution of the 1970’s are a resurgence of this practice. That’s why you will sing the same phrase over and over – because there is something important spiritually in that phrase. It is a way of centering, focusing, and meditating on the spiritual meaning of the song. The clustering of songs together, and repetition of songs within the service are all ways of emphasizing a spiritual idea or concept – and a way of capturing a certain type of energy.


All this information may not endear the praise choruses to you, or convince you to enjoy the 11 am service. But we hope it will open doors for more people to find our precious church as home and for all of us to be fed. We want our family to grow and we want more lost souls to find a home in our Church. I know several people have joyfully changed to the early service, assured they will avoid the lunch crowds and have an extra hour in the afternoon. I know others who are thrilled that we are singing some of their favorite songs from K-Love. I wish I could tell you that I am sure that everyone will be happy, but there are two things that come into my mind. First – worship is not about us; it is all about God. And as a frank second, I strongly felt God’s leading in this, and ask for your prayerful support however you can give it.

In His Love,   Rev Diane


February Birthdays


                   4       Melissa Damrill                        22     Gracie Mott

                   6       Sheila Cruso                             23     Megan Burkes

                             Scott Fetters                             24     Yolanda Hines

                             Matthew Trent                                    Lynda Johnson     

                   13      Angel Barnes                           28     James Desporte

February 2019 Calendar

(Every Tuesday: 10 a.m. Bible Study in the Jubilee Center; 1:30 p.m. Knittie Bitties in the Fellowship Hall)

(Every Wednesday:   6:00 p.m. Meet & Eat and Bible study and Youth Meeting)

(Every Thursday: Boyscouts meet in our Sunday School rooms and Fellowship Hall)

(Every Sunday from 6:00 – 6:30 p.m. we have Holy Communion & prayer in the sanctuary)


  • February 1 Drive Thru Prayer
  • February 10 Worship Training 9:45 a.m.
    • Boyscouts Sunday
  • February 11 Shalom 6:30 p.m.
  • February 12             Good News Meeting
  • February 16 UMM Breakfast meeting 8:00 a.m.
    • Morning Glories meeting 9:00 a.m.
  • February 17 Sweetheart Dinner 6:00 p.m.
  • February 21 Finance Meeting, 6:30 p.m.
    • Cursillo meeting in Jubilee Center 6:00 p.m.
  • February 28 Ash Wednesday, Services 11: 00 a.m. & 6:30 p.m.


The Comforter by Kasy King

Matthew 5:4, Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. (NKJV)

The verb for mourn used here is most often coupled with weeping or similar meaning words. “Mourn” is not the sorrow of the world that brings failure, suffering, death, or the consequences of sin, but rather the sorrow which flows with the tears that cleanse one’s own sin and its blemish left upon the soul. Comfort is a promise that points to the special guidance or counsel needed by the person mourning. Those comforted are in a state of pardon, peace, purity, and freedom. The Holy Spirit is our Comforter.



(Every Wednesday: 6:30 p.m. Youth Meeting unless otherwise noted)


This Youth group is growing in Christ and growing bigger every day! We have our weekly youth meetings on Wednesday nights after Meet & Eat. We occasionally will go to lunch on Sundays or have Service Projects on the weekend. Watch your bulletins for those events! WE ARE STILL DOING THE STOCKHOLDER PROGRAM AND WE ARE STILL DOING SERVICE PROJECTS. If you would like to support our youth group please contact Tommy Clifford! There are forms on the table in the foyer as well!! We will be going to The Gathering in Jackson, MS February 22-24! Please pray for safe travels and for our students as go through this weekend 😊


Watch for details on service projects!

Be faithful to our meetings on Wednesday night –

and keep calling and inviting new people or reaching out to people we are missing.

Jubilee Center……………………………………………………………….…Maryann L. Graczyk, Director


The Jubilee Center, HUMC’s gift from God for the people of God, is committed to continuing a vigorous outreach ministry throughout 2019.  Popular studies, workshops, and exhibits will return. Out-of-state overnighters are already calling. Now’s the time to schedule your event. Contact the Jubilee Center office (228-392-4288) or the Jubilee Center Director (228-235-7814). Forms are available for church members to reach out to the community to use the Jubilee Center for retreats, reunions, and special events. Together we can make a difference in fulfilling the mission of the Jubilee Center to support an outreach ministry which continually promotes and maintains a place of spiritual renewal and service  to the congregation and beyond into the community. In so doing, we ensure going forth to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Watch for special programs and events in the bulletin.


The following policies guide action of the Jubilee Center mission:

* General Meeting held at least once annually. Date/time to be announced. Decisions reached through parliamentary procedure.

* Special General Meetings may be called by Director for specific purpose with notice provided no less than 24 hours before scheduled. Decisions reached through parliamentary procedure.

* All meetings are open.  Non-members may speak if recognized but may not vote.

* Quorum is number of members in attendance at the meeting. Proxy vote is not allowed.

* Jubilee Center information is kept in Policy/Procedures/Guidelines/Resources manual, which when finally developed, will be forwarded for consideration and adoption by HUMC Administrative Council.

* Committee meetings held as needed throughout the year. Committees may overlap. Decisions reached by consensus. 


Policy Committee:   Members assist in development, application and annual review of policies for Jubilee Center. Rev. Diane Lemmon, Tom Butler, Tommy Fairfield. Jr., Rex Fetters, Jr., Sheila Gillies, Barbara Lacosta, George Landrum, Caryle Lena, Mac Weaver

Maintenance:   Members assist in care, maintenance and development of interior and exterior of Jubilee Center. Dan Chamberlain, Bob Ellis, J. D. Matta, Dan McElhimney, Debbie Parker, Sam Shorey, Virgil Yeager

Special Projects:  Members assist in proposing, developing,  promoting, carrying out of Jubilee Center projects. Pat Agregaard, Steve DeIorio, Lynda Johnson, Kathy King, Connie Kimbrel, Shirley McGonagle, Sharette Nicely, Linda Trent

Youth Advisors:  Members assist in proposing, developing, promoting, carrying out involvement of youth in Jubilee Center. Cami Battaya, Evita Lacosta, Youth Director Tommy Clifford


Special call for bags of  leaves. (no twigs, branches and debris – only leaves)  Please do not put bags of leaves at the memorial orchard fence. They should be placed in front of the south fence located at far left of  Noah’s Ark. Leaves will be used as first stage mulch to improve base of gardens in front of Noah’s Ark and the Church. Volunteers  willing to help in this project should sign up on the Garden Guardians Committee form in the Northax and/or see Maryann Graczyk.



The word evangelism can be scary. It brings up images of fire, brimstone, condemnation, etc. But times have changed – and that includes the church and the role of the people within the church. Our goal is to make Disciples of Christs – which is also a long time goal of the United Methodist Church. How is Heritage going to do that? Our mission is outreach, sharing and telling God’s story and renewing our existing congregation – including

all – homebound, hospital patients, etc.


A meeting of the Good News: Dedicated Voices group will be meeting on Tuesday, February 12 at 6 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall. All are invited to attend. More information will be shared on how you can help – and there are many ways. Some are already being put in place. Please come and join us. We need your help!


Evangelism and witnessing is telling our stories – to your family, your friends, your neighbors, people you work with, etc. There is no confrontation in contemporary evangelism and witnessing.

The Good News: Dedicated Voices group has a number of ways that you can be a part of the process. The time and effort is up to you – Just know that you and your ideas are very welcome!

For questions, please contact me at:, 920-750-2131, or text Kathy King



The Morning Glory Circle of the UMW will meet on Saturday morning February 16th at 9 am.  The UMW is open to all women who attend Heritage.



Shalom Circle will be meeting on Monday, February 11th at 6:30 p.m.

Thoughts from Jack’s Computer


“Sometimes our skies are cloudy and dreary, sometimes our hearts are burden with care; but we may know, whatever may befall us, Jesus is always there.

When in the midst of life with its problems, bent with our toils and burdens we bear; wonderful thoughts and consolation: Jesus is always there.

When we are walking thru the green pastures or over mountains rugged and bare; precious the thought and sweet the assurance, Jesus is always there.

“Lo, I am with you always” is written, God will not fail to answer our prayer; trusting His word, we rest in His promise, Jesus is always there.

Never a burden that He doth not carry, never a sorrow that He doth not share; whether the day smay be sunny or dreary, Jesus is always there.”

                                                                                    Cokesbury Worship Hymnal page 188

 As we take a moment to look back over 2018, we can reflect on many things mentioned in this beloved hymn: loss of loved ones, conflict within the church, conflict in government, new church members, new leadership team members, financial difficulty, and many others. We sometimes think; “Where is God” when we need him the most. Then we remember the line from “Footsteps in the Sand” which states during these times, God is actually carrying us. And the line from the hymn rings true, Jesus is always there.


Wow! It’s 2019 already. Seems like just last week we were welcoming in 2018 and I was preparing to take time to rest.  Would like to share some thoughts concerning the areas of leadership that I am involved in. First, I would like to thank J.D. Matta, Tom Butler, Steve DeIorio, and George Landrum for their leadership with the United Methodist Men. As we look forward, I see a group of dedicated men stepping up to the plate as they strive to live out their commitment as UMM; “to engage in some definite Christian Service by recognizing I/we work in partnership with God in stewardship of my/our life.” It is my hope and prayer that we work with the trustee committee to take on the challenges involved in maintaining our church facilities.

As Membership secretary, I present the following attendance numbers for information. During the period of Sep 30th thru Dec 16th we have averaged 115 on Sunday Morning. This average encompasses 213 regular attendees plus 46 different visitors. Of these Visitors, 13 have been attending regularly. Are you doing your part to greet and welcome persons and to invite them back?

One more word or two about leadership. If you have been selected to and accepted the challenge to be a part of the 2019 team, please take that commitment seriously. Each and every one is important. For those whose name is not listed on the leadership roster, you are in luck. You still play a vital role in the administration and ministry of Heritage by your prayers, you presence, your gifts, your service, and your witness. Please make your witness a positive one.

Remember, God loves you and so do I.


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