Our Jubilee Center was built after Hurricane Katrina to help provide a comfortable place for volunteer teams to stay.  Now the Jubilee Center is available as a meeting place or retreat center.  It is still used by teams who are still helping with repairs on houses and teams who are working on Habitat for Humanity houses.  It can be reserved for Reunions, Wedding Showers, Baby Showers, Birthday Parties, etc.  It is the perfect place for meetings or seminars — tables, chairs, restrooms, and a kitchen for snacks.  School groups have stayed overnight from out of state for field trips.  Church groups have stayed for the weekend for retreats and recreation.  There numerous other uses for this building.

The building has a full kitchen, bathrooms and showers, a large meeting/dining room with tables and chairs, a pavillion with picnic tables, and bedrooms with bunk style beds for 48 people.

To inquire about rates and reservations call Maryann 228-235-7814 or the church office – 228-392-4288 or email us at heritageunitedmethodist1@gmail.com.

A Report on the Mission of God’s Gift to the People of God……………………………….Nov. 2017 – Oct. 2018…..No. 1

 THE DIRECTOR’S DECK …..Maryann L Graczyk

God’s gift arose as a dormitory during Hurricane Katrina’s devastation.  The dormitory later transitioned into the Jubilee Center, a non-profit ministry. Its name blends two ideas. One is the “jubilee” phenomena when hundreds of fish are flung onto the beaches from the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The other is the Hebrew “yobel” or “yovel” meaning ram’s horn, trumpet or coronet. To announce a biblical jubilee, there is a trumpet blare which all of Israel would be able to hear. (Leviticus 25:8-22).  Earlier dormitory committees decided on the name, logo and nautical theme for the Jubilee Center. A new advisory board and director came on board the day after Thanksgiving, 2017. First we had to tackle some needs. Then we sailed into plans for our activities to make the best use of God’s gift. Our report is the Trumpet’s Blare. Let us know what you think.


The stoves, ice-maker, dryer, mattresses, men’s bathroom were repaired…….New exit lights were installed for fire and emergency standards…….Fire extinguishers were updated; training of guests required…….Outdoor entry light was installed.…..Cabinets were reorganized…….First Aid Cupboard was created. ……Interior entry doors and room trims were painted…….Blue front doors and new mats welcome visitors…….Large entry sign introduces the first phase of our history display…….New entry bookcase has reading, tourist, and church information. ……Framed spiritual references provide inspiration. ……Pictures and floral arrangements add hominess…….An electric organ invites some fun…….A weathered trunk fits the nautical theme…….A large metal shelf, dish cloths and towels were added to the kitchen…….Small bookcases have been built for three bunk rooms…….Plans are underway for front gardens, an outdoor prayer room, a mural…….Security of the building and surroundings is assured…….Alternate plans for the building’s use during a hurricane are almost complete…….Most of this was done or is underway with volunteer help and donations.


Standard operating procedures manual has been developed which includes mission statements, standardized contracts, required forms, policies, procedures guidelines, resources. The director schedules tours of the facilities, assists event leaders with plans, and helps develop your ideas, special programs, and marketing. Structure and duties/responsibilities of advisory board were finalized. Original monthly meeting schedule was changed to committee focus format. Hundreds of hours are logged in meetings with families, teams, contacts and suppliers to assure a positive Jubilee Center experience for all guests, visitors, and especially HUMC.   95% of our endeavors culminate in successful events. 5% of plans (only four) fell through for some outside reason. A storm postponed a scout weekend; a cut in federal funds cancelled a week of fun for the children of national guard members; 48 beds were not enough to house a very large group; project interns opted for residential housing.


Since December 2017, we have welcomed 786 guests in a diversified field of events and activities, not including advisory board or committee meetings or special planning sessions. Overnighters came from Texas, Illinois, and Mississippi. These included three Grace Ministries Retreats; Pelahatchie High School Band; Safe Harbor Confirmation Retreat; Christian Men’s Retreat; Two Women’s Retreats; Wonder Village; Habitat for Humanity.

Our Tuesday lunch time Bible Series groups are blessed with a close fellowship. During Lent, the Trinity featured six clergy speakers. Later, Joshua  provided help in winning the worry battle; Never Alone focused on six encounters with Jesus to heal our deepest hurts. A new series, Bad Girls of the Bible and what we can learn from them set sail into Tuesday evenings, 6:30 -8:00 pm, for 10 weeks, while another lunch time series waits to be launched. Koffee Klatch noon workshops included: Gulf Coast Stamp Club-national connections; Crash Course in Philatelics; Egg Decorating in Other Cultures; Yesterday’s Woman in Today’s World;

Other special events

Ø  We opened our kitchen to help Shalom with their Hart Rolls project.

Ø  Parents, grandparents, and children spent a full day in Mississippi Hunter Education/Safety classes.  32 new hunters (the youngest ten years old) were certified, joining a dozen already certified hunters who came to support them.

Ø  Cursillo staff dinner focused on the outreach business of their mission.

Ø  Baseball/Faith Sunday Fellowship dinner had great food and fun trivia. Caryle, John, Julene, and Shirley scored as HUMC baseball trivia champs.

Ø  Hummel figurines exhibit included history of the inspiration of this art and appraisals.

Ø  Display and stories of African Americans on US postage stamps drew visitors during Black History month.

Ø  Exhibit held on Palm Sunday included crafts, pictures, paintings, and other kinds of art with a religious theme donated for display.

Ø  Appreciation and support for First Responders was demonstrated at a special lunch in their honor where church members and responders shared information, concerns and ideas.

Ø  Human Trafficking on Gulf Coast featured a guest speaker and material from the Mississippi Attorney General’s office.

Ø  We hosted the organizing committee of new HUMC scout groups.

Ø  Family events included bridal and baby showers, birthday parties, three Christmas functions and three “just to relax” weekends.


Family and friends coming in for the holidays?  They can stay at the Jubilee Center. Want a big dinner for the folks but don’t want to clutter up your house? Have it at the Jubilee Center. Small wedding in the Butterfly Prayer Garden followed by the reception in the Jubilee Center would be perfect. November and December can be hectic. How about staying at the Jubilee Center for a relaxing night or two  escape from every day demands?  Spread the word to family, friends, snow birds, organizations, churches, and others that the Jubilee Center has standards in harmony with the traditions and hospitality of the Christian faith, and is the perfect place for any one-day or overnight event.

 Guests have complete access  to …… A fully functional kitchen with two stoves, refrigerator freezer, two  microwaves, ice maker and cabinets full of utensils, dishes, pots, pans, paper products and anything needed for preparing and serving meals ….Excellent lighting, central heat and air and WiFi  (sorry, no cable)Common room with plenty of tables and chairs, a side board with games, bookcases with books, magazines, tapes, CDs, DVDsand video/audio equipment ….Eight rooms with bunk style beds for up to 44 peopleSeparate Men’s  and  Ladies’ rooms have  handicap accessible stalls and  showers: paper products,  hand  sanitizers ,and cleaning supplies….Laundry room with  washer/dryer and cleaning supplies….Free coffee and tea….Picnic patio with a grill and fire pit….Prayer garden and relaxing  lanai ….Free parking….Friendly, helpful, efficient staff.

We are already building our Jubilee Center calendar of events for November, December 2018 and 2019.  Popular studies, workshops, and exhibits will return. Out-of-state overnighters are already calling. Now’s the time to schedule your event. Contact the Jubilee Center office (228-392-4288) or the Jubilee Center Director (228-235-7814) to put your event on the Jubilee Center schedule. Once confirmed, complete information will be sent to finalize arrangements for your plans.

Now on the Jubilee Center Calendar (dtba/db) = date to be announced/details will be in church bulletin

2018                                                                                                                       2019

Sept. 25 – Nov.10, 6:30 -8:00pm  Bad Girls of the Bible                            January Community  Open House (dtba/db)

Tuesday luncheon Bible series  (dtba/db)                                                       March 2-8    Retreat group from Michigan.

October 6              Baby shower                                                                           March 13 -16 Stamp dealers/collectors

October                  Hunter Education  Gun Safety Trainers                                          (Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi)

certification (dtba/db) )                                                         March 25  Palm Sunday Art Exhibit 7am-4pm

October- 27          Kids Bobbin Bin in conjunction with fall festival

November 3          Veterans’ spouses Appreciation Luncheon  and fashion show)March 25

November             Senior Citizen O-my-limp–ic games and social (dtba/db)

December 16        Hummel Nativity display, appraisals, Christmas social

THANK YOU SO MUCH…… The Jubilee Center cannot fulfill its mission without the volunteer help  of church members. Special thanks to advisory board members, idea providers, supply contributors, bookcase and sign builders, maintenance, décor helpers; special committees, and all others who help in so many ways:

Pastor Diane Lemmon, Pat Agregaard, Jack Anderson, Julene Anderson, Cami Battaya, Tom Butler, Dan Chanberlain,  Taylor Draper, Bob Ellis, Dot Ellis, Tommy Fairfield, Jr., Rex Fetters, Jr,. Noelle Fredericks,Mauricio Garcia,  Sheila Gillies, Misty Helton,  Lynda Johnson, Connie  Kimbrel,  Larry Kimbrel,  Kathy King,  Barbara Lacosta,  Evita Lacosta, George Landrum,  Gracie Lemmon,  Caryle Lena,  J.D. Matta,  Lena Matta, Holly Mott,  Dan McElhinney,  Shirley McGonagle,  Sharette Nicely, Debbie Parker, Vicki Perry, Linda Richmond,  Perri Schwartz, Sam Shorey, George Trent, Linda Trent, Mac Weaver, Virgil Yeager.

o    The Jubilee Center is now in the process of naming appointees to its Advisory Board for 2019.

We welcome your participation.

o    The Jubilee Center welcomes your donations of supplies or funds.

o    Supplies needed include outdoor games, checkers and chess games, small bookcases for the bunk rooms, archive pictures of HUMC in action during Katrina,  used blankets/bath towels, dinner plates, soup bowls, and other items you may no longer need.

o    If  a financial donation, make checks out to Heritage United Methodist Church for Jubilee Center.

o    The Jubilee Center needs your help as assistants to our dedicated skilled volunteers: carpenters, plumbers, electricians, painters, etc.

o    The Jubilee Center welcomes your ideas for workshops, classes, etc. The director can assist in working out the plans for a successful event.



Adult Classes

Sunday 10:00 – 10:45 am Heritage, Discovery, Bridges, Fellowship

Sunday or other day Journeyers

Tuesday 11:30 am – 1:00 pm Women’s Bible Study  Never Alone

Tuesday 6:30 – 8:00 pm  Women’s Bible Study  Bad  Women of the Bible

Wednesday after 6:00pm dinner Genesis Joseph and his Brothers

New Adult classes  chair Kathy King

Children Classes

Sunday during 8:30 and 11:00 services, Church School for ages preK – 12  (teacher Taylor Draper)

Sunday 10:00 – 10:45 am Ages 3-5 year old  (co-teachers  Amy and Linda Caruso)

Sunday 10:00 – 10:45 am Grades 3-6  (teacher Lisa Banks )

Wednesday after 6:00pm dinner ages K through 12 (needs permanent teacher)

See youth calendar for youth schedule

Help Needed: Sunday  School  needs superintendent, teachers, assistants and children.



NURTURE SPOTLIGHTS                                                                                           

A new group has been formed dedicated to getting help, material and equipment for the visually impaired and  blind. To join this group contact Pat Agregaard.


Please visit our NURTURE Bulletin Board – Be an active disciple of Jesus Christ – Volunteer to help a group.