Heritage News

Well, hello everyone!  I’ve been a part of the Heritage family for a month and am really enjoying getting to know the staff and getting “back in the saddle” of ministry in the local church. I look forward to meeting each of you as we slowly return to ministry worship in the weeks and months ahead. 

I want to thank you for continuing to give generously to Heritage Church!  Even though many activities are suspended, we are still worshipping and working behind the scenes.  I pray you will continue faithfully to give.  Reopening the church building brings extra costs as well as the need for more volunteers to properly disinfect the building so all will be as safe as possible.

I want you to know the Council has been meeting concerning our reopening for the last couple of weeks and before that, we have been talking informally.  We are reviewing the CDC guidelines, information from MSDH, the governor’s orders, guidelines and materials from Bishop Swanson and the MS Conference leadership.  There are churches already open and churches that are waiting.  Each congregation is unique and should discern God’s leading for themselves.  We teach our children the church is the body of Christ and not a building.  YOU are what matters!  In the General Rules of the UMC, salvation is evidenced through 3 things: do no harm, do good, and attending to the ordinances of God.  With those in mind, the Council has prayerfully set June 28th as our first in person worship service.  We will adjust our plan if needed as we receive COVID 19 information.

In this newsletter, you will find:

COVID Safety Scale: helps you identify your risk

Potential Worship Attendee Questionnaire: helps you determine whether you should stay home

Heritage Safe Worship plan (our church leaders are continuing to fine tune our plan, but we want you to have as much information as possible right now)

Drive Up Communion June 14th

Tuesday Morning Bible Study June 16th

I look forward to the time when we can greet each other in the name of Christ!  Until then, be safe, be kind, and love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind, and body.  And love your neighbor.

Peace, Terry

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